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In a time of “fake news” and politically-motivated publications, Oceanside News is committed to journalistic independence and integrity.

Our editorial staff have complete autonomy to identify, write and edit stories for publication on Oceanside News.

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Kevin Forsyth

Kevin Forsyth

Kevin grew up in Saskatoon, SK and moved to Oceanside in early 2020. He received his journalism training from Lethbridge College’s digital communications and media program and decided to move to Vancouver Island after graduating and entering a job market devastated by COVID-19. Kevin and Tyler founded Mid Island Independent News over the summer and he began reporting on issues in his new community. In the fall he and Tyler began writing for Oceanside News after meeting publisher Joel Grenz during the summer. Kevin loves meeting new people, visiting new places and telling stories. Before his journalism training he received a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, travelled the world and worked many labour jobs.

Tyler Hay

Tyler Hay

Tyler’s passion for storytelling began with photography, which led him to pursue an education in journalism at Lethbridge College. He worked part-time as a professional sports and event photographer while developing his writing and multimedia storytelling abilities in the digital communications and media program. After many visits to Vancouver Island, he developed a love for the ocean and rainforest, which made him eager to build a life on the west coast. His time in college cemented a love of arts and entertainment and created a deep passion for local storytelling. The stories that excite him most are the features about interesting local people that often go unnoticed. When not writing the news, Tyler spends his time with his nose buried in books, sailing and fixing his boat.


Joel Grenz

Joel Grenz

Joel has been interested in news, policy and politics since he was a child. When he was in the sixth grade, he started a school newspaper with his classmate. As a teenager, he helped produce a monthly magazine for his church youth group and a student-led live television news-style broadcast at his school, Burnaby South Secondary.

As a university student, Joel founded a video production and web design company that helped pay the bills through his undergraduate and law degree programs. This company eventually grew to become a full-service marketing agency,  allowing him and his team to work with a variety of companies, startups, political and non-profit organizations.

In 2020 Joel returned to the news field. Recognizing the challenges being faced by local news organizations, Joel saw an opportunity to use the tools his agency had developed to explore new ways of delivering news online. Oceanside News was born.

In his spare time, Joel enjoys exploring Vancouver Island with his wife and 3 children, playing the guitar and drums and tending to his small family farm.

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