“I am truly honoured to be able to serve our community in this capacity,” said Coun. Anne Skipsey after taking her oath of office.
Official results will be declared by May 19 following a final review of the ballot counts, according to a media release from the town.
“We are pleased to see the civic spirit of our community thriving despite the perilous time we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chief Election Officer Heather Svensen.
“Qualicum Beach residents historically show great community pride through high voter turnouts for local elections,” said Heather Svensen, chief election officer.
We have had the date of May 3 set for this forum since the beginning of the election campaign and plan to move forward wit the event for whichever candidates choose to attend.
“Unfortunately our progress has been stalled by a number of factors, including a stalemate with Qualicum Beach Town Council,” reads a statement from the board.
“I have dealt with politicians all my life and I know how it works, but I also know that a lot of politicians miss the mark when it comes to what they really should be looking at,” said Brian Denbigh.
“I’m always involved in the community. I have a business in the heart of downtown Qualicum Beach for now going over 25 years,” said Jean Young, who also ran for councillor in 2018.
“The person that is elected will need to hit the ground running,” said Anne Skipsey. “I know the job and I am ready to start working full-time for the residents of Qualicum Beach.”
“I really like to involve myself in the town, I love this place. The feel of it, the community spirit, the village,” said Peter Kent, who will run in the byelection. Follow Oceanside News for full coverage on all candidates.

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