The resident was cutting the grass in an effort to reduce the fire risk, when the fire broke out.
Sarah Mainland said she named her harp ‘Dipitous’ because together she and her harp are serendipitous.
A letter expressing intent not to attend was signed by four of the five candidates and sent by Ron Everard, who said he is a volunteer with candidate Anne Skipsey’s campaign.
Kelland Foods Holdings Ltd made the claim against Coun. Teunis Westbroek because of comments regarding its store that was destroyed by a fire in 2002.
We have had the date of May 3 set for this forum since the beginning of the election campaign and plan to move forward wit the event for whichever candidates choose to attend.
When we discovered that this poll showed indications of potentially deliberate manipulation, we removed the poll and conducted a technical analysis of the data.
During this time period the Oceanside RCMP said it received 277 complaints, including vulgar graffiti on a baseball field, damage to a $17,000 wash pump and vandalized postal boxes.
According to Daniel Sailland, chief administrative officer, the town was “dangerously close” to needing to hire a full-time employee to help with the volume of FOIs.
“I really like to involve myself in the town, I love this place. The feel of it, the community spirit, the village,” said Peter Kent, who will run in the byelection. Follow Oceanside News for full coverage on all candidates.

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