“I would strongly suggest that we should be looking at this holistically, not as a series of one-off reports and trying to tackle the larger problem,” Coun. Scott Harrison said.
Richard and Linda Todsen filed the civil claim in May against the society and its president, Ezra Morse, in which they sought relief for damages caused by defamatory statements
“Basically any public hearing that we are doing, the one comment that we always hear is ‘not in my back yard’ and ‘I really like this’, ‘the idea is great, ‘this is great for our town, but not in my backyard,’” Coun. Robert Filmer said.
The requested zoning would allow the owner to subdivide a property to build three single-family homes at 118 Sunningdale Road East.
In addition to the Bow Horn Bay and Deep Bay fire departments, BC Wildfire Coastal responded to the fire with a helicopter.
The applications for dismissal of Morse’s and the society cases seeks general, aggravated and punitive damage, as well as reimbursement from the Todsens for the cost of the application.
During this time period the Oceanside RCMP said it received 326 complaints, including industrial lawn mowers and trimmer found on Church Road in Parksville.
The QNPS said it has filed for a dismissal of the civil claim for defamation, pursuant to the Protection of Public Participation Act.
Arrowsmith Search and Rescue said the second quarter of the year was relatively quiet.
Many who attended expressed concerns about it being outside the town’s urban containment boundary and official community plan (OCP).

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