Qualicum Development

Qualicum Beach Town Council voted unanimously in favour of giving third reading to a bylaw that will permit a mixed-use development at 190/194 First Avenue West.
Council heard concerns about traffic congestion, parking and noise from trucks unloading, during its Dec. 8 regular meeting.
“There’s no certainty in the first 60 units that tourist accommodation will be provided and I also think it lacks clarification as to when the development will be connected with the town utilities, especially sanitary sewer,” said Coun. Anne Skipsey, who said she supports the resort, but not the current proposal.
“Basically any public hearing that we are doing, the one comment that we always hear is ‘not in my back yard’ and ‘I really like this’, ‘the idea is great, ‘this is great for our town, but not in my backyard,’” Coun. Robert Filmer said.
Drivers honked their horns as the crowd walked down the street. Though the front of the line was chanting, “in out future, we want trees,” other participants could be heard saying, “no vaccines,” “no masks,” and “no 5G.”
Todsen Design and Construction is seeking relief for damages caused by Ezra Morse, president of the QNPS and Deborah McKinley, administrator of CCQB, according to court documents.
Kelland Foods Holdings Ltd made the claim against Coun. Teunis Westbroek because of comments regarding its store that was destroyed by a fire in 2002.
Coun. Teunis Westbroek moved to defer adoption of the zoning to the next council meeting, when a fifth member will have a vote, but eventually withdrew the motion to work out a compromise.
According to Daniel Sailland, chief administrative officer, the town was “dangerously close” to needing to hire a full-time employee to help with the volume of FOIs.

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