“We’ve gone two years now and we’re heading into a third year and I think the variant, although it’s been affecting a lot of people, it’s not very serious and I think we’re looking at the end of this coming,” said Coun. Al Greir.
“I find it unacceptable that the City of Parksville has been kept in the dark about the decision to locate emergency shelters in Parksville that inevitably require staff coordination with emergency services,” said Coun. Marilyn Wilson.
City council deferred discussion on a grant that would allow the city to complete its 20-year Parksville Community Park stormwater management master plan in five years, but would still leave the city on the hook for about $1.9 million of the cost.
Here are some of the most prominent and impactful stories we reported on in 2021 (in no particular order).
The task force identified 87 people experiencing homelessness in the region when it conducted a point in time homelessness count in April 2021.
Parksville council hopes to see the city buy from local companies as much as possible.
Parksville council has approved a mixed commercial-residential development on Hirst Avenue.
Coun. Al Greir’s motion to amend council’s procedure bylaw to require councillors to speak a maximum of two times on a particular subject, unless the member is raising new information, was defeated during the Nov. 15 regular meeting.
The PCC is scheduled to open for programs in summer 2022 with full opening of the 91 licensed childcare spaces the following September, along with community access to the centre, according to the city.
Coun. Al Greir introduced the notice of motion during council’s Nov. 1 meeting. Council will discuss and vote on the motion at its Nov. 15 regular meeting.

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