North island college

Canadian visual artist Laura Payne will speak about her work at an upcoming North Island College (NIC) virtual artist talk.
Fathom Sounds will speak on March 3, as part of North Island College’s 2022 Artist Talk series.
The first students are anticipated to move in in September 2024.
The series will begin Feb. 3 with Preston Buffalo, a Cree, two spirited artist whose work explores the complexity of Indigenous identity through the use of mediums such as sculpture, printmaking, photography, soundscape and digital media.
Dr. Laura Strachan’s research focuses on investigating petroglyphs of the goddess Alia in southern Saudi Arabia, in addition to collecting oral histories to learn more about the cultural impact of Saudi Aramco, one of the largest oil production companies in the world, on the lives of citizens.
Students who complete the program will learn common forestry industry terms, weigh scaling procedures and identification of commercial log species, according to NIC.

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