City council deferred discussion on a grant that would allow the city to complete its 20-year Parksville Community Park stormwater management master plan in five years, but would still leave the city on the hook for about $1.9 million of the cost.
Sandcastle Drive to Arbutus Point remains closed due to flooding on the road.
Rivers have reached peak levels and are now receding in all areas, according to the River Forecast Centre.
About 17,775 people have been evacuated due to impacts from the flooding in B.C., with 5,918 properties on evacuation order and 3,632 properties on evacuation alert.
The RDN Emergency Call Centre is open again today until 4:30 p.m. to answer questions regarding flooding in the region at 250-390-0940.
Pooled water remains at 380 Martindale Road (RDN Electoral Area G) and a rapid damage assessment will be completed on Nov. 17 when safe to do so, according to the RDN.
Financial assistance is on the way for some British Columbians affected by recent flooding. 
The RDN declared a local state of emergency and issued evacuation orders earlier today for 380 Martindale Road and 246 Riverbend Road in RDN Electoral Area G and portions of Wilkinson Road, Alice Road and Riverside Road in RDN Electoral Area A.
“I just grabbed my dog and my stuff and my little kayak and kayaked out,” said Heather Rathburn, who lives near Martindale Road.

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