The combined efforts of local eagle lovers, land holders, regional governments and First Nations have raised funding for the purchase and protection of an eagle sanctuary in French Creek.
The Agents of Change Project builds volunteer engagement programs in communities across Canada to support residents taking action to build climate resilience and reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, according to a joint media release by the RDN and the City of Nanaimo.
Native pollinators are threatened by a number of factors, including pesticide use, disease transfer from non-native honey bees and climate change, but the primary factor is habitat loss, according to NALT. 
Vancouver Island’s first eagle reserve is within $300,000 of becoming a reality.
Conservationists have asked the Town of Qualicum Beach to help get the word out about ‘No Mow May,’ an initiative intended to support the region’s declining bee population.
Fathom Sounds will speak on March 3, as part of North Island College’s 2022 Artist Talk series.
“We’ve just been watching the climate crisis and what’s been happening in the world. I feel like at this point this is one of the ways I see us starting to solve it because it’s pretty desperate right now,” said Teegan Walshe.
The provincial government has introduced legislation to add 350 hectares to the parks and protected areas system.
The pests pose a threat to trees such as Garry oak, arbutus, red alder, aspen, cottonwood, maple, orchard fruit trees, nut trees and many species of urban ornamental trees, as well as food crops such as apples and blueberries.
Storm damage to seawalls and properties in Qualicum Beach has highlighted the importance of alternative mitigation strategies such as green shore projects.

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