Coun. Scott Harrison’s motion that the town will not purchase Eaglecrest Golf Course, or any portion, was defeated 3-2 at council’s Oct. 6 regular meeting.
The applications for dismissal of Morse’s and the society cases seeks general, aggravated and punitive damage, as well as reimbursement from the Todsens for the cost of the application.
The QNPS said it has filed for a dismissal of the civil claim for defamation, pursuant to the Protection of Public Participation Act.
A new date has not been set for a public hearing.
Drivers honked their horns as the crowd walked down the street. Though the front of the line was chanting, “in out future, we want trees,” other participants could be heard saying, “no vaccines,” “no masks,” and “no 5G.”
Deborah McKinley filed a response to the claim on June 3 and asked the courts to dismiss all relief sought against her.
Todsen Design and Construction is seeking relief for damages caused by Ezra Morse, president of the QNPS and Deborah McKinley, administrator of CCQB, according to court documents.
Coun. Teunis Westbroek said he moved to defer third reading for bylaw amendments for 850 Eaglecrest Drive because he is not satisfied with inaccuracies in the current appraisal.

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