“The RDN needs to acknowledge that building permits aren’t just stacks of paper on a desk — they are roofs over people’s heads and that’s what the community needs right now,” said Mark Jones.
The city said anyone who wishes to speak at the public hearing must register in advance by calling its corporate officer or deputy corporate officer, or email The hearing will be streamed live on July 19 at 3 p.m.
The QNPS said it has filed for a dismissal of the civil claim for defamation, pursuant to the Protection of Public Participation Act.
A new date has not been set for a public hearing.
Deborah McKinley filed a response to the claim on June 3 and asked the courts to dismiss all relief sought against her.
Many who attended expressed concerns about it being outside the town’s urban containment boundary and official community plan (OCP).
The proposed development includes 43 residential units on its upper levels and two commercial units on the main floor.
Most participants spoke in favour of a destination resort, but many were concerned about residential development as part of the proposal and were concerned at lack of details included.
Coun. Teunis Westbroek said he moved to defer third reading for bylaw amendments for 850 Eaglecrest Drive because he is not satisfied with inaccuracies in the current appraisal.
Sustainable site planning reduces environmental impacts from developments by considering characteristics of local areas such as water, soil and climate, before design begins, according to the RDN.

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