Here are some of the most prominent and impactful stories we reported on in 2021 (in no particular order).
Parksville council has approved a mixed commercial-residential development on Hirst Avenue.
“Our town is in desperate need of tourist accommodation,” writes John Wood in his letter to the editor.
The outcomes will include the development of forms, guides, processes and recommendations.
Landowners and tenants within 50 m of the property will be afforded an opportunity to provide comments on the development variance permit.
The project will begin this November and is expected to be completed by early 2023.
Council approved the project in January and construction started in July.
District Developments published the survey on a website dedicated to the Riverside development, following a recommendation from City of Parksville staff that it begin public consultation.
“Basically any public hearing that we are doing, the one comment that we always hear is ‘not in my back yard’ and ‘I really like this’, ‘the idea is great, ‘this is great for our town, but not in my backyard,’” Coun. Robert Filmer said.
Two new drive-thru restaurants are coming to Parksville after council voted to grant a development permit for two commercial buildings between Pioneer Crescent and Island Highway East.

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