The City of Parksville has provided an update on future and ongoing upgrades to Parksville Community Park, including work on a new outdoor stage and gathering space, upgrades to Lions Ventureland Playground and a new washroom facility.
The proposed site, which attracted public dissent, on Despard Avenue is no longer an option, according to the city.
“I would strongly suggest that we should be looking at this holistically, not as a series of one-off reports and trying to tackle the larger problem,” Coun. Scott Harrison said.
“I have no problem helping out, but our taxpayers are paying for something that is not in our borders again,” Coun. Robert Filmer said, adding he hopes the assistance is returned to the town in the future.
In March, council voted to end the backyard chicken project and give owners one year to get rid of their animals.
The B.C. Indigenous Advisory Council on Agriculture and Food (IACAF) is the first of its kind in Canada and will work with the ministry of agriculture, food and fisheries on a three-year strategic plan.
Kelland Food Holdings filed a civil claim against Coun. Teunis Westbroek in May because of comments regarding its store that was destroyed by fire in 2002.
The city said the proposed site at the end of Despard Avenue is not located on wetlands and, although there are 90 acres of wetland to the north, it said it does not expect the project to impact the area.
“I am truly honoured to be able to serve our community in this capacity,” said Coun. Anne Skipsey after taking her oath of office.
Coun. Teunis Westbroek moved to defer adoption of the zoning to the next council meeting, when a fifth member will have a vote, but eventually withdrew the motion to work out a compromise.

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