MVIHES is promoting salmon-friendly lawns through a Yellow Fish program, where residents who pledge to not water their lawns or use chemical herbicides and pesticides will receive a yellow fish sign to help promote the message of water conservation.
Vancouver Island’s first eagle reserve is within $300,000 of becoming a reality.
The waterfront property was zoned for a six-lot residential subdivision, but was saved from development thanks to conservation-minded land owners.
Fourteen grants for new and ongoing projects to help restore caribou habitat in B.C. have been approved by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, with funding from the province.
A proposed eagle preserve in the French Creek Estuary is closer to realization thanks to a $28,000 donation from 100+ Women Who Care Oceanside.
The land acquisition is a critical step to re-naturalize and restore the tidal flow of the estuary and ultimately enhance the ecosystem function of the entire river, according to the Nature Trust of BC.
“Invasive species like zebra and quagga mussels are a major threat to our ecosystems and infrastructure in British Columbia,” said George Heyman, minister of environment and climate change strategy.
Several Taylor’s Checkerspot butterflies have been spotted in Helliwell Provincial Park, signalling the successful return of the rare species, the province said.
“They are not as visible as polar bears or reindeer or anything like that, so they don’t get very much mention and once they have disappeared, our food security is going to be in grave danger,” said Rosemary Taylor.

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