Here are some of the most prominent and impactful stories we reported on in 2021 (in no particular order).
The centre will be used for booster shots and vaccinations for children. Island Health anticipates the site could be operated into June 2022.
The PCC is scheduled to open for programs in summer 2022 with full opening of the 91 licensed childcare spaces the following September, along with community access to the centre, according to the city.
The city was awarded the grant in May from the provincial government to complete renovations to the PCC to facilitate 91 new licensed childcare spaces and community programming.
In its response, the PCCS stated it removed only its personal property, including its business records, furniture and equipment.
The petition requests a judicial review of council’s decision to change the use of the community centre.
Renovations will begin in the fall and the facility is scheduled to open in January 2022, according to the city.
Mayor Ed Mayne thanked the residents for their presentation, but council did not discuss any changes to the PCC.
“Due to the expected high volume of vehicles and pedestrians using the Parksville Community Centre, no other public parking can be accommodated in this area while the clinic is active,” reads a news release from the city. 
The clinic is expected to run 12 hours a day, seven days a week and will vaccinate about 60,000 Oceanside residents

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