The province said it has acquired more than 229 hectares of land intended to be added to seven provincial parks and one protected area.
The province said terms like “he” or “she,” “brother” and “wife” have been updated with more neutral language to consider all gender identities.
The benefit will give $1,000 to families with an annual income under $125,000 and $500 to single people with an annual income under $62,000.
Homeowners in B.C. can now access a rebate of up to 50 per cent of the cost to install and purchase eligible electric vehicle (EV) chargers, up to $700.
British Columbians will be able to apply for the COVID-19 recovery benefit starting Dec. 18 and can expect to receive direct deposit within days of applying.
The province has allocated $2.3 million to provide supports for young people who are at risk of increased mental health decline during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Shelia Malcolmson said she began working on the issue her first week in office and she is optimistic the federal government will work with her on the issue.
“These projects give voice to stopping violence against Indigenous women and girls by changing behaviours and attitudes and empowering communities,” said Barb Ward-Burkitt, chair of the minister’s advisory council on Indigenous women. 
“This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re all in it together,” said Premier John Horgan.
The BC NDP’s Adam Walker leads incumbent Michelle Stilwell, BC Liberal Party candidate, by nearly 1,000 votes in Parksville-Qualicum, though the final result will not be known for a few weeks.

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