About 90 per cent of the amendments address binary language such as “he,” “she,” “himself” or “herself,” and the remaining 10 per cent amend gender-specific terms like “aunt,” “father” or “son.”
Clinical trials of burosumab in patients under the age of 18 showed reduced deformities in lower extremities, as well as significant improvements in stiffness and the severity of rickets.
Olivia was followed by Liam, Noah, Jack, Emma, Benjamin, Theodore, Oliver and Charlotte, according to Vital Statistics Agency preliminary figures.
The provincial government said it will provide $1,300 per month to eligible households while they transition to long-term housing.
Ten people have died from illicit drug toxicity in the Oceanside local health area so far this year, according to the BC Coroners Service.
The federal commitment to resettle 40,000 Afghans in Canada means B.C. is preparing to welcome thousands of people over the coming months and years.
Cooler seasonal weather and precipitation, combined with the hard work of firefighters from B.C., Canada and abroad to contain and extinguish fires, means the province can return to a standard emergency response.
Expenses include reseeding forage and replacing fencing or other critical infrastructure that is not insurable and was damaged or destroyed in the fires.
Eligible events include sport, arts and culture events, community celebrations, agricultural fairs, rodeos and exhibitions, according to the B.C. government.
To access the support, British Columbians must register with the Red Cross by calling 1 (800) 863-6582, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Pacific time, the province said.

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