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British Columbians are embracing zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) faster than any other jurisdiction in North America, according to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation.
The province is allocating $1 million toward investments in event-bid preparation and sponsorships to attract large-scale arts, culture, and sport events, and public conferences and exhibitions.
The increased funding is part of a $633 million cross-government strategy to prevent homelessness.
Without the $60 million Safe Restart Funding, first quarter revenues would have been $169.2 million and net losses would have been $55.3 million, according to BC Ferries.
There are three options being looked at, according to the province, including abolishing jury trials for civil cases or limiting them to cases such as defamation, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.
Students who complete the program will learn common forestry industry terms, weigh scaling procedures and identification of commercial log species, according to NIC.
“On behalf of Nanaimo city council, we are pleased to be receiving provincial support to update our housing needs assessment,” said Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog.
If conservation measures do not achieve sufficient results and drought conditions worsen, regulatory action may be taken under the Water Sustainability Act, the province said.
Children 12 and younger will be able to ride any BC Transit or TransLink service for free, starting Sept. 1.
According to the province, paid sick leave will come into effect Jan. 1 2022, once regulations are established using public feedback.

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