Letter to the Editor

“Our town is in desperate need of tourist accommodation,” writes John Wood in his letter to the editor.
“I find, that once again, the curling club in Parksville has taken it upon themselves to govern the gravel parking lot access route on the south side of the building,” writes Chuck Forrest in his letter to the editor.
“And then came Lehann Wallace. Since her election as our current Area G Director on the RDN board, she has been committed and relentless in pursuing a solution to this issue,” writes Larry Biccum in his letter.
“Calling for the government to end all old growth logging goes far beyond the narrative around Fairy Creek and it will leave many rural towns destitute. In many rural communities forestry is all they have.”
“The disregard for community involvement in the community centre issue by the Parksville City Council is concerning and shows disrespect for the taxpayers and citizens,” writes Karen Charlesworth.
“I call shame on every single one of you who chose to label us that chose this lifestyle.”
It’s time a review of Council’s Code of Conduct be undertaken before it deteriorates any further.
“Democracy is under attack around the world for many reasons. Let’s remind our council that impactful decisions need to wait for full representation, which needs to happen swiftly.”
“A decision such as this has long term consequences on our community — far longer than a term of office. By making this decision without consulting us, this council has compromised the long term services available to the community”

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