Editorial Policy

Independent, Local Journalism

Oceanside News is an independent local news organization. This means that we are accountable only to ourselves and our readers. 

We are here to listen to our community and seek out issues that matter to our readers here in Oceanside, Vancouver Island and beyond.

Accountability within our community matters to us  — our reporters seek out facts and approach stories without bias. Our editorial team listens to all voices and explores as many sides of a story as possible by seeking diverse sources and unique angles.

We aim to provide an outlet for unheard and under-represented voices. We want to find stories that would go untold without us.

We want our reporting to reflect the communities we belong to and are committed to finding and reporting on broader issues that have an impact on our readers.

Oceanside News is committed to upholding the highest standard of journalistic integrity. Our journalists, advertisers and publisher operate separately. All editorial decisions are finalized by our team of professional, impartial journalists.

Our journalists are only accountable to their community and their own integrity — stories are approved only by our editors. We do not share drafts with sources prior to publishing; this practice can compromise our ability to report independently.

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Seagulls Vancouver Island
Researchers from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) will begin studying seagulls in Parksville’s beaches and parks in the new year. || Photo by Tyler Hay