Parksville Fire Department welcomes youngest junior member

Fire Chief Norris presents Oliver Lipinski with his certificate as official junior member. || Parksville Fire Department photo
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Parksville Fire Department recently accepted its newest and youngest official junior member, three-year-old Oliver Lipinski.

It all started when Oliver’s parents drove by the firehall a few weeks ago while the department’s recruitment campaign was underway, according to a media release by Parksville Fire. Oliver told his parents he wanted to join the fire department, so his parents, Courtney and Chris, explained he would need a resume. Oliver helped his parents prepare a resume, which details his education, experience and keen interest in firefighting.

With resume and his parents in tow and dressed in full turnout gear, Oliver knocked on the door of the firehall on recruitment deadline day and advised Lt. Andrew Wiersma, “I want a job,” and provided his resume.

Fortunately, Oliver was successful in being shortlisted and called for an interview. He is knowledgeable about fire engines and trucks, can list most parts on a ladder fire truck, has a basic understanding of hydraulics, does not play with “magic” because it can start fires and he can recognize most letters and the sounds they make. 

He has completed all episodes of Fire Safety with Roy and successfully completed volume one of a firefighting colouring book.

During the interview, Fire Chief Norris determined Oliver would be an excellent fit for the department, since he lives within the Parksville Fire Protection Area, and by capably naming Parksville Fire’s trucks, Oliver qualified for the 2034 recruit class as a junior member.

“We were thrilled to receive Oliver’s resume, conduct his interview, and we all look forward to welcoming him to the 2034 recruit class as a junior member,” said Norris.

As part of his orientation, Oliver rode Ladder 49, his favourite truck, and toured the fire station. He was given a red helmet, teddy bear, cookie and presented with his certificate as official junior member.

Parksville Fire is a composite department with career firefighters and a complement of paid on-call firefighters.

The department conducts an annual recruitment campaign in the spring. For more information about being a paid on-call firefighter, please refer to recruitment information on Parksville Fire’s website.

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