Over $500,000 donated to Ukraine aid efforts through BC Liquor and BC Cannabis stores

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In less than three weeks, BC Liquor and BC Cannabis store customers have donated over $530,000 in support of the Canadian Red Cross’s Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

The Red Cross provides support through emergency preparedness, immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long-term recovery and resiliency in Ukraine and surrounding countries, including aiding refugees displaced by the conflict.

“It is clear from the remarkable response to this campaign that what is happening in Ukraine has touched people all across the province,” said Selina Robinson, minister of finance, in a media release. 

“Seeing BC Liquor and BC Cannabis store employees’ support for this campaign and the customers’ compassion and generosity really shows how willing people in B.C. are to step up and support their local and international communities when it is needed most.”

In recent years, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) has mobilized several emergency response campaigns in its retail stores to support people in need, both at home and abroad, raising nearly $2.5 million for the Canadian Red Cross in the past two years.

“Whether it be at home or abroad, our customers have shown unwavering support for those most impacted by devastating crises such as the war in Ukraine. Their donations will provide invaluable assistance to the Canadian Red Cross as it responds to this crisis,” said Blain Lawson, general manager and CEO of the LDB.

As of March 17, BC Liquor and BC Cannabis store customers had donated a combined total of $538,074, according to the provincial government.

Additionally, the B.C. government announced on Feb. 25 that it would contribute $1 million to the Canadian Red Cross to support the people of Ukraine. 

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