Parksville Fire Department reminds community of fire prevention measures

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After several recent fires, Parksville Fire Department wants to remind people that basic preventative measures save lives, prevent injuries and help protect property:

-Working smoke alarms save lives through timely warning of a fire. Smoke is highly toxic and a killer.

-Fire sprinklers save lives by keeping fires small, reducing smoke generation and providing time for escape.

-Maintenance of fire safety systems is critical, along with knowledge of the systems in your home and work. It is important to always take a fire alarm seriously.

Residents are reminded to be cautious with combustible solids and liquids:

-When cleaning ash and debris from your fireplace or wood stove, use a metal container and do not leave it inside or on combustible surfaces such as an exterior wooden deck. Ash may contain embers which can reignite.

-Do not misuse liquid fuels. We can become complacent to the dangers of common fuels such as gasoline, which can be quite hazardous and produce severe burns if misused.

-It is critical to call 911 to report a fire emergency as soon as it is safe and possible to do so. Do not assume someone else has called 911 and please do not post to social media first.

Residents are encouraged visit the fire department’s website for more information and to contact Parksville Fire Department with fire and other safety questions. The website also has information about the department’s recruitment campaign now underway.

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