New RDN online zoning map to make accessing property information easier

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A new online zoning map is now available on the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) website. 

The interactive map provides zoning and planning-related information for landowners, property buyers, realtors and others seeking property information. It applies to properties located in all Electoral Areas except for Electoral Area B, where zoning is managed by Islands Trust.

The RDN said it will free up resources to review building and development applications and respond to more complex information requests.

“The zoning map is an easy-to-use addition to the RDN’s online toolkit that helps serve residents and others looking for property-related information,” said Bob Rogers, RDN director and chair of the electoral area services committee. “We are pleased with the progress to make information even more accessible to the public.”

The zoning map is one of several online tools the public can use to look up property-related data. The RDN also has an ‘Ask Planning’ online form for information requests. The online form helps the RDN provide a quicker response to inquiries as well as to track commonly sought information, which can be used to improve resources available on the website.

For those who wish to review, ask questions and provide input on current development application submissions, there is a dedicated page on the RDN Get Involved website. The page provides information on all active RDN zoning and Official Community Plan amendment applications initiated since 2020.

The tools are part of the RDN’s broader effort to improve planning services and complement the recently announced development application processing technology upgrade project. The assessment phase of the project, funded by a Local Government Development Approvals Program grant, will begin this year to determine the best technological solution to better serve residents and businesses seeking building and development approvals.

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