Earthquake preparation drill set for Oct. 21

Image shows a 6.4 magnitude quake recorded 95 km north of Port Alice on Sept. 9, 2011. || B.C. government image.
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Emergency Management Oceanside (EMO) is encouraging residents to participate in the 2021 ShakeOut drill to practice how to be safe during an earthquake. The drill is set for Oct. 21 at 10:21 a.m., according to a release from EMO.

Participants can practice and drop to the ground, take cover under a table or desk and hold onto it as if a major earthquake were happening and stay down for at least 60 seconds, according to EMO.

Residents can register to be counted in the drill and to obtain resources and information. The exercise, which will be held province-wide, is intended to increase public awareness of earthquake hazards and encourage personal preparedness, according to EMO.

“When a significant natural disaster occurs around the world, we realize how little we are. We usually take a moment to consider how prepared we are, think about the people affected and speculate about what we, our co-workers, or our loved ones should do in a disaster,” the release reads. 

EMO also encourages people to ensure they have the necessary supplies to remain in place for at least 72 hours after an earthquake. They can also conduct a hazard hunt for items in the home that could fall during an earthquake and create a personal or family disaster plan.

“Practice now so that you will immediately protect yourself during an earthquake,” the release reads.

Over 3,000 earthquakes occur in B.C. each year. Most are too small to be felt, but the risk of one big enough to cause significant damage is real, according to the Great B.C. ShakeOut website.

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