October 2021

The previous mandate was set to expire Oct. 31.
“It gives you a better perspective on what is important,” said Dick Glassford, a volunteer KEEF board member who lives in Parksville.
Beginning in April 2022, families will be eligible to receive more financial support to buy specialized equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers and beds.
Parksville council will meet with the PBDA sometime in 2022 to discuss topics such as traffic circulation and calming, road safety, development priorities and pedestrian and cycling opportunities.
Eighty-eight per cent of Oceanside residents over 12 have been given at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 83 per cent are fully vaccinated.
“There’s no certainty in the first 60 units that tourist accommodation will be provided and I also think it lacks clarification as to when the development will be connected with the town utilities, especially sanitary sewer,” said Coun. Anne Skipsey, who said she supports the resort, but not the current proposal.
The premier announced Mike Farnworth, minister of public safety and solicitor general, will be appointed deputy premier “out of an abundance of caution.”
“I don’t apologize for any words I used and I don’t retract back any words that I’ve used,” Coun. Robert Filmer said during council’s Oct. 27 meeting.
People are expected to start moving into their new homes in spring or summer 2023.
“I couldn’t take a deep breath. I was winded and felt like I had a sunburn,” said Annie Taal, who experienced an anaphylactic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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