LETTER: Curling club parking lot situation needs improvement

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By Chuck Forrest

I find, that once again, the curling club in Parksville has taken it upon themselves to govern the gravel parking lot access route on the south side of the building. It was my understanding that the route to the gravel parking lot was public access, not exclusive to the curling club. They not only block the roadway with their vehicles, but on Saturday appear to have put their own lock on the gate (the parks lock was still hanging from its chain).

This irresponsible and selfish action forces the traffic wishing to access the gravel parking lot to navigate through denser traffic and conduct an awkward turn to access through the north gate. The concept of the gravel parking lot was to reduce congestion along the beachfront by providing alternate parking. It is not up to the curling club to police this, that is why we have bylaw officers.

Chuck Forrest

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Chuck Forrest

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