Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation seeks applications for its board of directors

The Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation (PQCF) is seeking applications to serve on its board of directors. || PQCF graphic
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The Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation (PQCF) is seeking applications from community leaders interested in serving as a member of its board.

The PQCF Board works with donors to build endowments, grants funds to local organizations and initiatives and brings neighbours together to strengthen community philanthropy.

“Being part of our board is very rewarding. The board forms regional grant committees, who determine recipients of the next grant programs,” said Acting Chair Len Townsend.

Applicants should be willing to serve a two-year term, with the ability to participate and contribute as member and/or chair of PQCF committees. 

Preference will be given to candidates who have prior experience sitting on and/or reporting to a board, according to the PQCF. They will also have the ability to take on broad multi-committee responsibilities and work well on a team, contribute reasoned opinion and accept and support decisions reached by the board and have experience working with a diverse membership.

PQCF was founded in 1999 and is one of 191 similar organizations located all over Canada, which helps communities be resilient places to live, work, it said. PQCF is a member of Community Foundations of Canada.

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