RDN plans for carbon neutrality by 2032

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The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) has approved a new strategy to make its services carbon neutral by 2032.

The Corporate Carbon Neutral 2032 Plan (CCNP) aims to eliminate emissions from RDN buildings, fleet vehicles and solid waste collection, according to RDN Chair Tyler Brown.

“The CCNP complements the RDN’s strategic plan and provides the necessary framework to reach our carbon neutral goals,” said Brown. “This is good for our environment and human health.” 

As the first strategic step towards implementation, the RDN said it will develop the costs required for specific emission reduction approaches so that a long-term financial plan can be developed and the appropriate grants and funding can be secured.

Experts developed the CCNP and received input from the Climate Action Technical Advisory Committee (CATAC), the RDN said. This approach identified potential barriers to action and ensured the inclusion of solutions to overcome them, enabling the RDN to implement climate-friendly approaches and technologies more effectively.

“The CCNP was developed with guiding principles and specific actions required to support corporate carbon neutrality by 2032,” said Stuart McLean, RDN director and CATAC chair. “This includes taking data-driven, evidence-based approaches, maintaining reliable service as a priority while reducing emissions and ensuring that CCNP activities do not create additional environmental or social impacts outside RDN boundaries.” 

The CCNP is part of the RDN’s Strategic Climate Change Goal to be a leader in climate change adaptation and mitigation and to become net zero by 2032.

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