Local organizations prepare for another season of combating invasive plant species

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Several local organizations will look to build on last year’s success and expand invasive species mitigation in Oceanside. 

Volunteer groups such as Broombusters, Coastal Invasive Species Committee (Coastal ISC) and Friends of Foster Park are part of the City of Parksville’s efforts to eliminate invasive plant species, which threaten to displace native plants.

As part of the city’s program to restore naturalized areas in the wooded trails at Foster Park, Coastal ISC will apply spot treatments May 4–5, if weather permits, the city said. Coastal ISC will also apply spot treatment to some areas, shown on the image above, to remove the invasive plant species known as gorse along Highway 19A. Signs will be posted at locations where the treatment will occur.

The city said work continues with the program to contain Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed. Anyone who knows about locations of these plants can contact the Coastal ISC regional hotline at 1 844 298-2532.

The city has funded a special noxious weed budget for the control of invasive plants in the community since 2015, primarily focusing on Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed.

Working with municipalities, regional districts and First Nations on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast, Coastal ISC provides services to manage invasive species and raise awareness about the impacts from and management of invasive species.

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