Byelection could determine fate of St. Andrews Lodge, society says

Photo shows the building before the St. Andrews Lodge Society intervened to prevent its demolition last year. || File photo
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Anne Skipsey has stepped back from her role as president of the St. Andrews Lodge Historical and Cultural society while she runs in the upcoming byelection, according to the board.

The results of the byelection could determine the fate of the lodge, as council has been stuck in a stalemate, according to the society.

“Unfortunately our progress has been stalled by a number of factors, including a stalemate with Qualicum Beach Town Council,” reads a statement from the board.

The board said it created a draft lease proposal for the building, but it did not get through council and resulted in a tie vote. The society still does not have keys to the lodge.

“Although we have been held up with physical work on the lodge, we have made great strides in other areas,” it said. “The St. Andrews Lodge Historical and Cultural Society has been formed, we have done some fund-raising, have many promises of donations in kind, appointed committees and created a vision statement,  a mission statement and a statement of significance. “

The board said it is reaching out to all candidates to learn their stance on the issue. Peter Kent commented on the society’s statement, showing his support for its efforts.

“We hope that this will give you some idea of the challenges that we have been facing.  It’s certainly not for lack of dedication, vision or talent that things have been held up,” the society said.

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