April 2021

There are 93 active #COVID19 cases in the central island region.
Anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver increased by over 700 per cent in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to the province.
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“The Corporate Carbon Neutral 2032 Plan (CCNP) complements the RDN’s Strategic Plan and provides the necessary framework to reach our carbon neutral goals,” said Chair Tyler Brown. “This is good for our environment and human health.”
Coun. Teunis Westbroek moved to defer adoption of the zoning to the next council meeting, when a fifth member will have a vote, but eventually withdrew the motion to work out a compromise.
There are 80 active #COVID19 cases in the central island region.
RCMP received information on April 27, which led to an investigation and the arrest of a 40-year-old man and 25-year-old female of no fixed address.
“We ask for the patience of the public and for the public’s safety, the instructions provided by the traffic control people must be obeyed,” Deb Tardiff , manager of communications said in a news release.
Several council members said they have been contacted by residents concerned about pedestrian safety.
Males accounted for 80 per cent of B.C.’s illicit drug toxicity deaths and over two-thirds of overdose deaths were people 30–59, the report said.

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