RDN creates new fire risk and invasive species management policy

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The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) Board has combined tree removal and replacement, fire risk management and invasive plant species management into one policy to better manage its parks and trails.

“The new policy better aligns with the RDN’s environmental goals and will help ensure the diversity and longevity of our treasured parks and trails,” said Chair Tyler Brown. “The policy will also provide clear and consistent direction based on current best practices.” 

The new policy provides comprehensive guidelines to enhance and maintain healthy rural and forested ecosystems, as well as for removing trees to protect RDN and private property infrastructure. 

The RDN said the policy will provide the foundation of an invasive species management strategy that will help tackle invasive species, such as Himalayan blackberry, Scotch broom and giant hogweed.

The policy requires trees removed or lost due to human activity to be replaced, reducing the overall loss of tree canopy.

A framework for the development of park-specific, fire management plans will also be developed. These plans will be designed to reduce the risk of fire in the RDN’s parks and to mitigate the damage of future fires. 

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