LETTER: Parksville council unfairly labeled those who camp or live in RVs

The old Parksville Beach resort property is set to be developed into a 84- site RV park. || File photo
By Lisa Paine

My mother always told me to never accept a label you do not like. Which is the reason for writing and asking the councilors and mayor to apologize for their comments labelling those who camp or use an RV, during the council meeting of January 18, 2021.

More specifically several members expressed disappointment with the proposal being a campground, with Coun. Al Greir saying, “They’re known for not spending a lot money in the community. They buy groceries, they buy booze and that’s about it.”

I own an RV and am currently living in it because our suite is being built. I chose a minimalist lifestyle. I have travelled in my RV. I have worked while staying in my RV in this community. I have many friends who also chose this lifestyle and utilize the wheels underneath them to explore and travel.

You claim to know what we are like, that we only sit in our RV and drink booze (your words). Well I can tell you, me and many others like me are not that kind of people. We stay in RV parks because they have the amenities we need. More than likely a small business that we support, we visit museums, tourist attractions, coffee shops, boutiques, and microbreweries, we go for walks and ride bikes, we repair our RVs and cars, we invest in real estate, we use all the same businesses as you that live in houses.

I call shame on every single one of you who chose to label us that chose this lifestyle. I expect a public apology to not only myself but the thousands who visit or chose to live this way in Parksville and on Vancouver Island.

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Lisa Paine

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