Council grants development permit for old Parksville Beach Resort

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Construction is set to begin on a restaurant and RV park development on the old Parksville Beach Resort site.

Timberlake-Jones Engineering will build a two story, 200-seat restaurant, a pool and an 84-site RV campground at 113 and 161 Island Highway West.

During its Jan. 18 regular meeting, council voted unanimously in favour, though several members expressed disappointment with the proposal being a campground. 

“They’re known for not spending a lot of money in the community. They buy groceries, they buy booze and that’s about it. So economically it doesn’t do the city any good to have such a trailer park,” said Coun. Al Greir. 

Coun. Marilyn Wilson moved to amend the recommended motion to add that the developer must change the fencing from chainlink to city park fencing as a term of permit. 

She said she was particularly disappointed with the type of fencing along the boardwalk side of the property.

“This is a world-class beach and tourism is a huge part of our economy here, so I think all of our developments should reflect a higher standard,” said Wilson.

The developer will need to make a new landscape drawing and estimate, but the project can move forward, according to Keeva Kehler, chief administrative officer for the city. 

Council, at its Nov. 16 meeting, referred the application back to the advisory design panel (ADP). Based on the ADP’s comments, the developer updated the plan to include some changes to fencing, lighting and irrigation. 

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