LETTER: Qualicum Beach Council of three excludes the views and voices of many

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By Lois Eaton

Qualicum Beach’s population, over 9,000, could have seven representatives: one mayor and six councillors. Soon after being elected, the Qualicum Beach council gave itself a big pay increase, partly they said, because they were doing the work of seven. They needed the increased money to compensate for extra time needed. Personally, if I am paying for seven I would like the representation of seven.

Currently we are only represented by three. Councillor Walker was elected to be our MLA and Councillor Filmer, on his doctor’s advice, is taking a medical absence due to the toxic environment. This environment has been evident for over a year … watch the Sept. 16 and Oct. 2, 2019 council meetings as examples.

Other municipalities, where a councillor or mayor was elected to be an MLA, have already scheduled their by-elections. Discussing the requirements and a date for our by-election is not even on the January 13, 2021 agenda. Current representation of the three excludes the views and voices of many citizens.

Democracy is under attack around the world for many reasons. Let’s remind our council that impactful decisions need to wait for full representation, which needs to happen swiftly

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Lois Eaton

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