Parksville Beach Resort site redevelopment process delayed

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The redevelopment process on the old Parksville Beach Resort site has temporarily stalled. Council voted to refer an application to build a restaurant and RV park back to city staff.

The application from Timberlake-Jones Engineering includes a two story, 200 seat restaurant, a pool and an 84 site RV campground.

“I do have concerns about how it interfaces with the community aspect, particularly towards the boardwalk and up towards town,” said Coun. Adam Fras, referring the proposed restaurant’s design.

Fras said he was disappointed the restaurant would face the beach, with its back end towards the town. 

Several council members expressed disappointment with the removal of a plaza that would have allowed public access through the development to the beach area. 

“I think the council, over the last 15 years, have done the public a disservice by turning down some really good developments and this is what we’re going to end up with,” said Coun. Al Greir, adding he felt council had to support the application because of how long the property has sat unused. 

Coun. Marilyn Wilson said she was pleased development was moving forward, because of the considerable negative public feedback about the property sitting derelict. She raised concern about the lack of details about what landscaping would be done on the property. 

Blaine Russell, director of community planning and building for the city, said the timeline is up to the company, which is trying to salvage building materials from the old structure.

Council voted 6 – 1 on Nov. 16 in favour of referring the application back to the city’s advisory design panel (ADP) for recommendations on improving its landscaping and community interface. 

Coun. Mark Chandler said he would prefer housing in the spot, but preferred the application move forward, rather than the site remain as it is. He voted against referring the application back to the ADP for recommendations.

“I think it could still be a really good thing for the city,” he said.

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