Parksville-Qualicum Conservative candidate focused on seniors’ services and attracting new residents

Donald Purdey is running for the Conservative party in Parksville/Qualicum.
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In the short term, Purdey said the Conservative Party wants to enhance services for seniors in Parksville-Qualicum.

Seniors’ services, supporting local businesses and homeownership are top priorities for the BC Conservative party candidate in Parksville-Qualicum. Donald Purdey, a retired Nanaimo resident, is running for the riding. He said he wants to see more families own homes and not have to rent.

“Parksville has got lots of opportunities that they don’t see — for businesses that want to locate there, the costs are lower. It’s also more reasonable and easy — not easy, but it is possible for young people to eventually own their own home in Parksville,” said Purdey.

He said he did not plan to be a candidate, but agreed to run so he would not leave conservatives without a choice on the ballot this election. He got involved in politics over 12 years ago and said he has served as the area director for the party.

Purdey advocates for self-sufficiency and a strong local economy. He said he would like to see citizens spend their money on local products and encourages people to buy items made in Canada instead of overseas.

“China is at war with the world, people just haven’t figured that out yet. They have an agenda and they want to take over and we gotta start pushing back. It’s almost too late but we got to push back,” he said.

In the short term, Purdey said the Conservative Party wants to enhance services for seniors in Parksville-Qualicum. “We should be able to subsidize or help people stay in their own home, whether they have someone do a couple hours of cleaning every week or two or help with meals or someone check in to make sure the person is home end safe,” he said.

Purdey said he would like to see more promotion of the Parksville area to attract new residents and businesses — he said there should be more help for first time home-owners.

“My advice is not to go too big or fancy — even if you buy a fixer-upper or whatever. After you are in, eventually and very quickly it gets cheaper to live there than it would be to continue to pay rent that continues to go up,” he said.

He said it is important for young people to be able to buy a home and become self-sufficient.

“I think people that want a left-leaning position —  you allow yourself to become dependant on the state. Someday you will wake up and you will have lost your liberty. I take pride at being independent,” said Purdey. 

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