City of Nanaimo begins natural disaster preparedness campaign

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An earthquake preparedness event, the Great B.C. ShakeOut, will be held on Oct. 15.

The city is encouraging residents to sign up for the Voyent Alert! emergency alert system, which will be tested Oct. 27.

The City of Nanaimo wants to raise awareness about natural disaster preparedness this month. The city will be sharing information via social media, radio, print and online to help residents and businesses with emergency preparation for disasters such as storms, floods and earthquakes, according to the city.

“We live in an active seismic zone and with our changing climate and unpredictable weather systems, we can no longer just wait and see what happens. Each and every one of us needs to plan ahead and be ready for a potential worst-case scenario,” said Mayor Leonard Krog.

Residents are encouraged to take steps such as preparing an emergency kit and stocking enough food and water to last for a week. The city also suggests developing an escape plan with a muster point outside of the home and workplace and signing up for the Voyent Alert! emergency alert system. A test of the system will take place on Oct. 27 at 10:15 a.m. The Voyent Alert! app can be found at

An earthquake preparedness event, the Great B.C. ShakeOut, will be held on Oct. 15. The city is encouraging businesses and residents to ensure all COVID-19 health and safety protocols are followed during the event.

“Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, other emergencies can still occur at any time. We want everyone in Nanaimo to be prepared. Take the time to create an emergency kit, have an escape plan for your home and your office and participate in the Great BC ShakeOut. Should disaster strike, a bit of preparation could be life saving,” said Karen Lindsay, emergency program manager for the City of Nanaimo. 

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